Monday, May 25, 2009

I saw a ghost..!!

when the creepy night come, I stay at the grave place. Then I feel unhappy and I feel someone at my back. I turn around and there's nothing except a fog. I feel so scared and run home. Three steps at my home, the light is gone and no one there. I hear a song coming through my room. I go front of my room, I saw a girl laughing at me. I don't know who is the girl looking at me so fiercely. Someone touching at my back and I turn around..I saw a ghost that called 'pocong'. I shocked and shout loudly. I run as fast as I can. it hold my hand and I feel cold and cold anytime. I said ' YA ALLAH,ALLAHHUAKHBAR!!!!'. Then the ghost is gone and I close my eyes my eyes..I saw nothing,the light is open and my family is in my house. I go to my room again, I saw nothing except my sister. I think I was dreaming but it's true. THE END!